October 14, 2014

Week 4: Words to Add Meaning

The students are looking at their world in a new way.

This week's lesson was about how words can add more meaning and context to photos. We talked about captions and their ability to tell who, what, where, when and how. And ironically, the students wrote their own words to me and my fellow teacher, Leah, after class. They were to apologize for being rude during the lesson by talking during the lesson and not paying attention. It was at the request of Allison, our Teaching Fellow, who works for Citizen Schools.

Apologies from the class

One of the hardest parts of being a Citizen Teacher is learning what the difference is between "being a kid" and disrespectful behaviors. You're typically more lenient with the students because you expect them to be kids. You expect some disruption.

The great news is your Citizen Schools Teaching Fellow is there to help. To help with classroom management, help keep the students focused and on task and help you craft your lessons so the students' energy levels are managed appropriately. Teach a little, then an activity. Teach a little more then another activity. The key is to keep them engaged and interested. My Teaching Fellows have been my lifesavers. I respect them so much.

No one expects you to know how to be a school teacher overnight. It's hard work. Much harder than you likely anticipated. But thankfully, Citizen Schools helps prepare you and walks you through the process week after week. You're supported from day one. So then you can support the students to become amazing adults.